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Rhule and staff

This is an excellent article! It will be very interesting to see how Rhule and the staff navigate the scholarship numbers.

Minority voice here, probably only one ...... I don't really trust Trev. Trev-Scott tight buddies. Most schools fired a long time ago like 2020, not 2022. (SF)
I agree with you pal, Trev let Scott get away with things he had to know about.

I’ve listened to a couple of interviews with this young man via Husker Online podcasts. He’s a very impressive young man. His recruitment will be interesting to watch, and it’s a very long road to December which I think is when he plans to commit. NU’s chances of landing him would appear to be a long shot, but he really likes what he sees from Rhule and Donovan Raiola. He would be a phenomenal get. Here’s hoping that NU finds a way to land him!


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