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RESULTS: 2010 HuskerMax BBS Member Awards (BANNERS ADDED)


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20 Year Member
Changed my mind and bashed them out. Banners are, as you can see above, completed.

Didn't want to make you guys wait, you know. ;)


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How doth we hook 'em to our sig?
Hit the "Reply With Quote" button on any post(s) with one of your banners, and you will see the UBB image code for the banners in the quoted text. Copy whatever relates to your banner(s) into your signature. The filenames (at the end of the URL in the image code) all end with "2010" and the initials of the award type. For example, the 2010 Welcome Back Award is ".....2010wb.png".


All Big 10
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Frank ... for a retired moderator you still do a great job! Thanks for all you do!


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Wow! I am deeply honored. Thank you, to all who voted for me. It is an honor to be recognized on the finest board in the world. :)

Is that too much? ;)

:bow: :huskerflag::thankssign::salute:

Of course, it is late, but I will look forward to plying my two awards on tomorrow.

Thanks, again!


I have squandered my resistance
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Have a question.
I am honored by the nomination and the votes I received for sure. There are a great number of posters here that make this place what it is...so thank you.
I dont want to disrespect anyone that voted for me as HOF...but, would it be possible to pass my banner to Merle? I dont even know if he would want it, but he is the true HOF member here and hell he was only a couple votes short. If he does want it and no one would mind I would be more than happy to pass the banner to him.