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Respect for our women's hoops team - AP poll


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We play Florida State - we're ranked #25, they are unbeaten and ranked #24 if I recall correctly. We get a hard fought 1 point win. Both teams drop out of the polls; but, FSU is 'ranked' #26 and we fall to #28 in the 'others receiving votes' section.

We travel to South Florida, moved up to #23 if I recall correctly. USF is unranked; but, still unbeaten. We win by ten on the road. Florida State has played Grambling and Mercer in Tallahasee, winning the games by a combined score of 190-102.

AP Poll still has us unranked and #28, with fewer points than prior to the USF game?

Florida State is back up to #23.

Coaches have us at #21, with FSU still at #26.


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Few years back when we were undefeted we got no love from ESPN or others. It was all uconn. ESPN would spend 5 mins on uconn women's undefeted season and then like a Oh by the way Nebraska is undefeted too.