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Resident Alien

This is another component of the show I really love

I'm three episodes into season 1 and have chortled and guffawed more times than I can remember watching a TV show in a long, long time.

Maybe the first few seasons of Rescue Me with Denis Leary? Very different comedy, but it had me laughing out my ass.

I decided to watch from the beginning since it’s been a couple of years, I forgot how hilarious the show was.

Oh, I see the problem, you sat on an earring.
season 3 is over

"Son of a biitch!"

The show continued to deliver great one liners all the way to the end...

"I'm going to stick my hand up your ass and puppet you like you belong on public television."

(Mockingly): 'Tell me the alphabet'
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The action movie icon, who first fought Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984’s classic The Terminator and then teamed up with him in two follow-up films, sits down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter wearing a beanie emblazoned with two words: Resident Alien.

“This is the only merch of anything I’ve ever done that I wear,” she says. “I just have to. I love this show.”

For those watching Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix and wanting more, Mrs. CRR noticed that the entire third season is available on demand on Peacock (along with S 1 & 2).


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