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I highly recommend Dan Warren's service if you want a bike taxi to take you from your tailgate to the game and back after the game.

We have set up an online reservation service so you can reserve a pick up time for before or after the game or both.

Here's the link.
We use these in Charleston, SC to get around sometimes.
Very cool. I wonder how much they are charging from the HM tailgate and if they have any more right of way than the average fans trying to get across the streets.
Bas rates in Charleston usually start at $30-$50 depending on how many blocks you're going. The beauty is the cyclers are generally trained guides as well and so you get a lot of history too.
They are on the honor system. Free will donation. I usually pay $10 per person. It did cost extra for Thot Doc last year though. I think Cyberbach has a picture that explains why. :Lol:
They used to say they will give you a ride for tips... and when pressed they usually say "10 to 20 bucks". We are 7 and a half blocks from the corner of the stadium, I would think throwing them a 20 is more than gracious.
Max, Iggy and TD...., now THAT's a load for 20, I hope you threw down an extra ten for Iggy David.
In fairness, those pics were taken at our old tailgate location that was 4 1/2 blocks further than where we are now... for taxi fare negotiation purposes.:cool:
Hot Springs AR has Duck boats. That would be appropriate for this weekends travel
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