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Remembering Mom on her 100th Birthday


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Today, (7/20/2018) would have been my mother Margaret's 100th birthday. She passed away in June of 2011 at the age of 92. After her husband and my father, Carl passed away in 1990 I had the opportunity to take her to both the '94 and '95 National Championship games and her last game in 2007 in Larry the Cable Guy's sky box. We also went to the 2002 National Championship game against Miami.

I had the opportunity to introduce her to many of her Husker heroes. She became friends and had phone conversations and/or visits with the likes of Tom Osborne, Vince Ferragamo, Dave Humm, Johnny Rodgers, Roger Craig, Tommie Frazier, Jerry Murtaugh, Jeff Kinney, Adrain Fiala and many others. I only wish Dad would have had those same opportunities.

This is my favorite photo of her at the 2002 Rose Bowl game with Vince Ferragamo, Roger Craig and Jamie Williams.


RIP Mom. You had a great ride and Husker football was a big part of it. I am confident you, Dad, Dave Humm and Adrian Fiala are looking forward to watching more Husker football this fall from your 50 yard line view in the sky.


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