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Remember When?

Fromunda Cheese

Scout Team
10 Year Member
I was talking with a buddy after todays series loss and mentioned that MA's record in rubber games was p!$$ poor (don't worry, I don't have his rubber game stats on hand, at this point using numbers to express his suckitude is futile. We all know he sucks and don't need numbers to prove it).

Anyway, my buddy said, "remember when Van Horn was here and if it was the rubber game in a conference series the Huskers would bust out the black uni's? But it wasn't just about the color, it was about the attitude that the team had wearing them. Those were the days"

I mentioned that the Huskers should be wearing pink for the rubber games now.

He thought for a second and said, "no, because of breast cancer awareness, pink now represents a fighters attitude, yellow would be a more appropriate color."

And I agreed with him.