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Relief Pitcher Mason Ornelas Transfers From Texas A&M

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How are ya now?
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Told him the scholarships were for guys who could help the program or something. That‘s pretty harsh.
"I'm not going to play for a guy like that."

Can someone tell me what went down?
It's behind the OWH and LJS paywalls, and I couldn't find the info anywhere else.
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Could the Men's teams finally be turning that corner to brighter and better days? Man, it sure feels like it to me.


How are ya now?
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Yeah, tried that but it isn't working anymore. Incognito doesn't work either. It looks like OWH has gone to required subscription on many of their articles and LJS seems to be starting to follow suit.
Yeah those bastages are getting better. You have to have an account to get the “2 free articles per month” on the des moines register site now.

I shouldnt complain…and I’m part of the problem…I have never paid for an online news source myself.

you can usually still get a couple from owh and ljs from a cookie dump though.
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