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Refund Request


Slow Blinker
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There is a direct correlation between porn viewing and those nasty pop ups. I blame the OP for his issues. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!


Red Shirt
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There is a direct correlation between porn viewing and those nasty pop ups. I blame the OP for his issues. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!
I know you are joking (or at least you think you are) but I have never been on porn on my Android and recently had one of those websites pop up while on HMax.


Huskers Rising
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My WiFi at home and at work are pretty locked down so I rarely get them unless I'm on cellular (Android, Pixel 2XL) and then I get them semi-regularly and some days are worse than others.


Junior Varsity
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Just read and responded to this thread on my Android with no issues. Use it all the time.

Chi-Town Cube

Riding the pine
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iPhone is very bad using safari or chrome for me. Constant barrage and I’ve never gotten a SINGLE Amazon gift card that I was promised

Oracle of Lincoln

Scout Team
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... probably not the best way to ask, that is in a thread. Send an email, or use the small “contact us” tab in the thin red banner on bottom of page.
Actually the best way to ask. Put the admins on alert. I’m guessing there are a dozen or two here that could ‘fix’ this issue for iPhone users.
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Blackshirt Sith Lord
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I have had multiple issues with this site and pop-ups. The latest build of Chrome for Android seems to be doing a fairly good job of blocking any redirects.

Also, this is a ham-fisted way to go about asking for a refund, @PVonDy85. @BigRedMax, @JHudson and the rest of the team do an incredible job for what amounts to a volunteer position for many of them. Nobody's getting rich off HuskerMax. If you were around for the Huskerpedia days, you'd know this. People tried, it failed and they got their rear-ends handed to them in court (after they found their church pants, apparently).


Staff member
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This is a constant game of finding and blocking these losers and another one shows up. We are trying different combinations of mobile ad providers in the hopes of getting rid of these jerks. Also, we are testing out a new malware blocking company. This problem is very frustrating and I can assure you is not being ignored.


Music Soothes My Soul
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I've posted on this in another thread recently. And all I can say is, maybe it's not all the sites fault, but perhaps the ISP you are connected with. I have a cheap phone, and when out of town, it worked flawlessly, no adblocker involved. When I got back in town, well..... I know it really sucks, but don't give up your membership, just find a different way to play and post, like your PC.