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FYI....Rivals Free Content....

Looking forward to his arrival...:)

Over the past couple of months, Rivals.com has offered a new top 10 poll each week, a new category voted on by its analysts who have spent the year canvassing the country scouting the top prospects. This week, they discussed the prospects that made them cringe - but in a good way.

Rivals.com's recruiting analysts break down the top 10 best headhunters among the top prospects.

7) Charles Jackson
School: Klein (Texas) Collins

Buzz: Though not the largest defensive back out there, the Nebraska commit is incredibly strong and powerful, and is built like a brick. In fact, Jackson is so thick he looks at times as wide as he is tall, a square of muscle that simply wants to hurt opponents. The future cornerback plays free safety for Klein Collins and makes receivers think twice about going over the middle. Even in camp settings, his bump-and-run technique was a lot more bump than run.
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Thank goodness we are leaving the Big XII-2, I bet the officials already have a file on him
Sorry I cold not resist



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Is this not a proto-type description for a Peliniback....er I mean a defensiveback!
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Very cool to see Jackson on this list... I hope he becomes another great DB under Pelinis, Sanders, etc.

What are our chances with Curtis Grant? I noticed we're on his list although it doesn't look like he has done much as far as narrowing his list down or taking any visits so are we at all legitimately in the running?
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