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While I was updating the WBB list of offers/prospects I started to wonder whether Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big XII Conference might cause some WBB recruits to re-evaluate their prospects, particularly those considering Kansas & Iowa State.

Outside information, particularly offers, is admittedly hard to come by, but the only WBB Offers I am aware of are:
(i.e. those that have not committed elsewhere or already eliminated the Huskers)

(There Must be some others! :Redface:)

2022 G, Callin Hake (MN) > committed to Nebraska
2022 PG Lexus Bargesser (MI)

2023 G Macy Brown (MI)

2024 PG Brit Prince (NE)
Subsequently Edited to Add: (Both offered Sept 2020 & have several Div I offers)
2023 G, Emily Fischer, (IL)
2023 SG Katy Eidle, (IL)
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