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Ranking The FBS Linebacker Units Entering the 2022 Season


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I would prefer that we show up in the top 10 of most position rankings during late November. Till then, the rankings don't mean much.

But that's just me. ;)
I'd prefer the guys that make these lists knew what they're doing, coaches know what they're doing and players know what they're doing.

My guess is all three have to have an edge or all three wouldnt be that much involved in cfb


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Their two likely starters at ILB is RS-Jr Tatum Glass and Jordan Turner RS-So. They had a combined 15 tackles last year.

The Badgers run a 3-4 defensive front with the DLine setup to eat up blockers freeing the ILBs to run amok. Leo Chenal and Jack Sanborn were the 2 starters last year. They had 173 tackles between them. Chenal was a 3rd round pick by the Chiefs. Sanborn is a FA in the Bears camp.

The Badgers do return OLB Nick Herbig who was 3rd on the team with 61 tackles and 9 INTs (1st on the team).


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Drew, Wynn, Robinson, Feist, Huntmacher and Newsome ... pretty good DT rotation if you ask me.
Along with the defensive coordinator’s ability to game plan to stop the run( MSU game was incredible) I believe he can prepare this new group to become a force.
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