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Rachel Blackburn update!

Red Don

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I'm not sure if I can stand any more GOOD NEWS! :Bow:
“Playing basketball at any level after high school is tough,” Blackburn said. “The time commitment that you have to make for basketball is big time. Then also finding time to be successful in the classroom, it’s a tough task. Luckily at Nebraska we have the best facilities and staff that put us in the very best position to be successful. I am absolutely blessed to be at this university.
Blackburn had to deal with some coaching turmoil in her freshman year and saw a change at the top as Amy Williams stepped in to take over a much younger squad in 2016-17 that struggled.
“The new coaching staff is amazing,” Blackburn said. “They are more than just great coaches, they are great people. They are so hardworking and are getting us back to where we need to be. Our team is taking strides in the right direction every single day.”