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Quick Write-Up


I’ve said it before, and this is not a hit on Scott to be rude, it’s just facts. Results speak for themselves. I can sum up our entire issue in one sentence. Until you’re willing to pay for the best, be ready to accept mediocre results. My solution is going to the top 5 (maybe 10) coaches in CFB and offering them close to a blank check (within reason obviously) to come to Nebraska. Worked out pretty good for Texas A/M. Criticize it all you want, but deep down, that is the solution.


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I know this is going to sound like an overly optimistic view, but I think the potential is there to be better on offense without Wandale. I feel they became so intent on getting him 10-15 touches a game that they ended up force feeding the ball to him. Hopefully with Lubick having more say over the offense, you'll see a lot more of the easy short and intermediate throws to TEs and slot guys, and then mix in the WR screen and shots downfield.
the potential for the offense with or without wandale has always been there. to give you some ammo from an unlikely source, the fact that the defense has steadily improved over the past 3 years is a clear indication that it is not out of the realm of possibilities, and not outside of the skillset of these offensive coaches, to put a better product on the field, just like the defense has over time. the defense improving is a sign that the offense can improve also.
basically, whatever the issues on this offense (and this team) are, they are mostly self-inflicted and quite easily correctible, if the intent and will is there, and self-deception is done away with.


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Quoting (bolding and chopping) these three, which I all read to be making the same point:

There's some subjective things from long ago that are coloring my response, but there's a large part that is questioning whether there is a willingness. Knowing what hasn't worked, is a good start, recognizing what needs to change, and acknowledging what needs to change go along with that.

The willingness to follow through is what's concerning. We've been hearing it more or less, in some fashion or another for 3 years...but really haven't been seeing it...at least on the offensive side of the ball, and then there's the unexplainable attrition that's not exclusive to the offense.

That's basically what Chatelain is saying Here


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AD Moos is a football guy.
He presided over a "rebuild" a WSU that took three years and then got going.
Do you know, other than publicly supporting Frost, what if any impact/advise/input he has provided to the program?
He has to have seen and made an analysis very similar to yours about what has kept DONU from a winning record the last three years and what is required to change that for 2021.
And he has to be seeing whether that are changes being made that can lead to winning in 2021, so would he give advice if he didnt see those changes?

Washington State went .500 and to a bowl game in year 2 of Leach, following a coach that went 9-40 and never made a bowl. They had a glimmer of hope which was good. What's also interesting about Moos at Wazzu is that he got there in 2010 and actually fired their coach after he had his best year he ever had there in year 4.

He's set down some expectations but they are pretty light. He tries to stay hands off while giving Frost what he needs, which I appreciate. A much more refreshing way to manage than Eichorst.
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