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Quarantine Hobbies


Kill All Humans
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A little over six months since we started this project we were rewarded with two eggs today.
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‘Sadly, not long after I posted this I got a visit from the Government Overreach Dept. telling me that we weren’t zoned to have chickens. One of my wonderful neighbors reported us and I had to rehome all my birds. So in the end we got 6 eggs out of the deal which comes out to around $200 an egg when figured against all the expenses. It’s very irritating because a searched online to make sure we were ok and found nothing and even more pissed that some neighbor couldn’t come discuss with us in person to find a solution without involving the city.


Be Yourself - Everyone Else Is Already Taken
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I told ya to make some chicken wings, some fried chicken. Now, some one else is gonna feast on some fried chicken and chicken wings. Sounds like your neighbors really suck asss.