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QB Richard Torres is N


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Show me. To date, this staff’s QB evaluation has not been great, other than Vedral as a backup and he didn’t stay. Adrian Martinez is a turnover machine. Luke McCaffrey isn’t a P5 QB. Smothers arm isn’t real strong and did not look as fast as I thought he would Haarberg has some upside but he was under 60% passing in high school and was the 2nd best QB in the state.


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TO always said,you cant throw the ball when it gets windy,yet Humm and Ferragamo were his guys.
My take is,OTHER teams may not be able to throw the ball when it gets windy
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My guess is we'll see a lot more of the running game after Martinez leaves. 3 big armed QBs wait behind him and we have some big & speedy receivers on the roster. That should keep the safeties honest which should open up the running game. I like what I'm seeing... :nod: :thumbsup:

I think you will start seeing it this year Gene based on the WRs we have brought in and more of a move to a downhill running game
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I believe his wind statement was after Humm & Ferragamo left.
Getting top run pass guys is tough right now, but getting very athletic pro style guys with cannons are out there.
I wouldnt have called Herbert an option run first guy, but SF went after him.
Point being, less about the Big, more about potential.
Oh, and its not often very windy in Oregon
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