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QB Logan Smothers is N; Update: Upgraded To A 4 * By Rivals

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Gotta love how much he dug Nebraska and is shutting his recruiting down.

"After my first visit to Nebraska, that is all I thought about. I visited Ohio State, Auburn and Mississippi State, but I kept going back to Nebraska. The staff is just unbelievable.

"They want an athletic quarterback and I feel I really fit what they are looking for. I like their style of play. I grew up a big Oregon fan because of their fast-paced offense and their style of player. Fast forward to now — we saw what the UCF offense did last year and I loved it. We also run a similar offense in high school, so that is a plus too.

"I am shutting it down now. I am going to focus on my team and work on being a leader for my recruiting class. I want to help coach Frost recruit guys to help my class win a National Championship. Recruiting is big to me now. That is what I am focused on."
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