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Purdue v. NU Game Thread

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Nice win against a physical, motivated opponent.

Might have been Brandi Jeffrey's best game as a Husker. Warchild, if you talk to her, tell her we noticed! Great assist to Rachel for the conventional 3!

Good minutes tonight out of Chandler Smith. Hit a HUGE 3 after Purdue cut it to 3. Romeo and Smith are going to help. Now if we can get a few minutes out of Kalenta, we'll be in even better shape.

Cady couldn't get many shots, but 13 boards and 5 assists and a huge 3 still made it a productive night.


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Great game. The gals hung together, fighting off every onslaught Purdue could muster.

In the end, they keep fouling Rachael! Duh! :lol:

I figure, this was one of those games where the sync wasn't quite working to Coach's
liking, but they fought hard. Nice, having 4 gals in multi-figures in scoring.

Talk about teamwork! :bow:

Again, way to tough it out, Gals!

Go, Huskers! :drive:


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Oh, forgot one thing: The Purdue gals must have gained a lot of weight tonight, having alll those turnovers! :rolfl:

(Sorry, couldn't resist. ;) )
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