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Punter Daniel Cerni is N (Full Scholarship For 2020 Class)

Wow the kicking school is the real deal

So a couple thoughts on this.
1. All the people saying can we recruit kickers? Should be happy. 202 class, 1 PK, 1P and 1 PK/P
2. I was not aware of how bad our hang time was last year. No wonder we had such bad coverage. watched a few games from 95 this week and our coverage was so good guys were waiting for the guy to catch the ball.
3, How did we go from the school with the most P/PK in the NFL to this?
4. Dude looks pretty big for a punter in that pic

Last of all welcome aboard mate. Hope you enjoy Nebraska hospitality.

Man Child. We got this guy as the punter.

"Cerni should help NU's hangtime issues on punts as well. In 2019, the Huskers averaged just 3.68 seconds of hangtime on their punts, and the highest average they've had the last four seasons was 4.06 seconds in 2017.

On nine punts Cerni posted on a YouTube reel with Wishnowsky, he averaged 4.85 seconds of hangtime and easily booted balls 50-plus yards. He had three punts with at least 5-second hangtimes, with a high of 5.27 seconds and a low of 4.41 seconds.

To put that in perspective, top NFL hangtime averages range between 5.4 to 5.5 seconds according to PFF. The college game is a little different, though, as low directional rugby-style punts are a big part of the game.

Cerni has displayed the ability to do both - punt directionally with a rugby-style and kick conventionally with over 5 seconds of hangtime.

A good barometer would be Siposs, who averaged 4.24 seconds on 61 attempts at Auburn in 2019. That mark was fifth-best in the country according to PFF. At 3.68 seconds, NU ranked 91st in that same category.

Over 12 contests last season, Nebraska's game-to-game hangtime average was anywhere between 3.25 and 4.03 seconds. The highest average came at Colorado and the lowest vs. Wisconsin, per PFF.

The addition of Cerni puts the Huskers back to 81 players on scholarship. Wide receiver JD Spielman could easily bring the Huskers down to 80 if he does not return in 2020."
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Special teams were the difference in going to a bowl game and not going last year. Punting and place kicking seem to have been upgraded. Hopefully Kick and punt returns will prove to be as well.
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Is it just me or does it seem like HCSF is slowly assembling the pieces for a National Title run? I know, I know . . . put the kool-aid down and take a deep breath.
I'm afraid it's just you. I need to see a West Division title before I start to get delusional about something like that.

I'm really hopeful this kid is the answer to our punting issues. I know some have been pretty ardent Armstrong fans, and I was probably less than kind in my comments about his performance, but the hangtime number is really an eye opener. There are some reasons Armstrong's was that low, including pooch kicking to a short field, or trying to keep it away from a dangerous returner and kicking it toward a boundary, but even when he was swinging for the fences, we didn't see 5 second hangers. If he can handle the pressure, and performs like he has been, this kid could be a valuable asset going forward.
That is one great hang time. I hope he can do that when being rushed and not always getting a perfect center. That is a big time get.

The best part of having a punter like this is the ability to have multiple alignments for your punt team and then either traditional punt or roll out-rugby punt the ball. The cool thing about multiple alignments are that the protection/coverage rules don't change much for your own players (no matter where or how they are lined up) but the responsibilities change for the other side if they don't know which one is coming, which makes it difficult to set up blocks or returns. If you regularly change the formations as the season goes on it makes it even harder to scout. In high school it forces the opposition to just throw up their hands and play "safe" return which is a win for you, or on the college level you're going to force them to burn up more practice time repping against whatever you might come up with and forces the special teams coordinator to burn up lots of his time scouting. If he is aso a position coach you are putting a lot more on his plate during your game week, Win-Win!

All this just from signing one lowly punter :)
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