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PSU not paying legal bills for Mike McQueary !!!Paying for shults/Curley

Bo Pelinis Gum

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Power of Corn

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certainly Mike McQ could have done more, but of all the people involved, he is the only one who did anything right, and its not his fault he stumbled into that horror show that night. He should have broken Sanduskys face is what he should have done, but I cant believe Mike McQ is being demonized as much as the others. He knew he was on eggshells to accuse sandusky, even though he was right. Thats the scary culture that was so pervasive there.

Its unfortunately pervasive everywhere, a peon staff member cannot accuse a sr. member of an organization of anything, without 90% chance of either losing his job or being silenced somehow. Even if he is right, he becomes the person who started the whole avalanche negativity and bad publicity, rather than the right fighter. Politics exists at all levels of business, sports, religion, and culture.