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Press Conference Thread. (At 3PM CDT: Will Be On BTN)


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Unless they perceived waiting any longer would damage the fanbase beyond that number?


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Alert all the cable installers in Lincoln! We want to be in the know LOL

What if the new coach cut the cord? ;)

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Had a birthday party last night for the wife and her best friend, Dot, with many friends so I wasn't able to listen or watch the game. I knew we had a late lead.
Not knowing the end, went home and recorded the game on a DVD.
The end was devastating, to be sure. Once again, failed to keep a late lead.
As far as offense, the game was exciting and entertaining!
Thanks to the defense...and stupid penalties, we are 1-2, not 3-0!!
This morning my brother-in-law called from Omaha with the news about Scott. Shocking but not surprised
Said Mickey Joseph is the interim coach..
Now, to the press conference.
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