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Preseason #2


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coming in behind #1 Stanford. With the BIG10 well represented in the top 10

3) Minn
5) Wisc
6) Ill
8) PsU
15) Mich
17) Purdue
18) Creighton
Not the B1G Ten. And I have like very little love or like for Creighton, so. #2 seems very lofty to me. Here's to Cook and Co. wins the Natty this year. We were so damn close last season.


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Unfortunately, i dont think anybody touches Stanford this year.
Don’t underestimate the importance of Coach Cook delaying the overseas trip to Asia until this summer. Delaying the trip 1 year has allowed the young 2019 team to get extra work on the court against high quality opponents and come together as a team off the court. The trip will pay dividends early in the season.

By the way, I purchased tickets and will be at the Devaney Center cheering on the VB Team to a victory against Stanford on September 18th!! :thumbsup:

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