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Prayers needed


Scout Team
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I got word from my brother in law in North Platte that my sister passed away this afternoon. Joan was very special to me. She was the only one of my brothers and sisters that was kind of in my age group. all the rest were much older. She helped get me my first job. In a bar one time while I was home on leave a jerk tried to start a fight with me she dumped a pitcher of beer on his head. If you were ever at the NP VFW on a game day you would have heard her leading the GBR chant. She also cooked all the meals at the VFW for any members that passed away.

If you went to starting gate liquors any time in the last 15 years to probably met her. She had an infectious laugh and was always the life of any party.
Just now seeing this. My condolences and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time my friend.