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Prayers For Barney Cotton Who Is In Need Of A Heart Transplant Update: Transplant Was Sucessfull (10/24/19)


Prayers to coach Cotton and his family during this time. There are great transplant Drs. in Omaha, so once a suitable donor is found he will be in good hands. GBR


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Best thoughts and wishes for Barney and his family. He gave everything he had to the Husker program. Get well soon, Coach! We’re behind you.


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Always wished the best for Coach Cotton. I hope someone with a strong enough heart for his soul is able to donate.


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This isn't like a kidney or bone marrow transplant. Someone else has to die in order for Barney to live. I cannot even imagine the emotions the Cotton family are going through. And prayers to the other family that might not yet know a loved will be donating...
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