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Postseason expectations


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For the women, making the NCAA tournament seems to be the expectation. We will miss Haiby's clutch plays at the end of games and Bourne's all-around game will be hard to replace.

Shelly and Markowski need to play really well every night. I'm excited to see how the young players continue to grow and develop. Those players will be the key to where this team ends up.
ESPN preseason bracketology.

:eek: = let's get to at least a 6-seed!!

I didn't notice ESPN updated the bracket the day after I posted (Nov 7th). Not sure how frequently this will get adjusted, but some big games over the past week seem like they'll lead to more shuffling.

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Because of the injuries, I wouldn't be surprised if ESPN moves the Huskers down next update.

Still no word on Maddie Krull's reported lower body injury. Annika Stewart sustained a lower leg injury in practice yesterday. Per Matt Coatney, her injury needs to be evaluated further. Jaz rolled her ankle and had to be helped off the court tonight. It looked really bad when it happened. She couldn't put any weight on it. She returned to the bench with a boot on her right foot. Annika's also wearing a boot on her right foot.

With Allison out for the season and Maggie still playing volleyball, the Huskers played all but three minutes of the game tonight with only 8 players.
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Yep, down to first four out.

The Creighton loss wasn't "that bad" but the TCU loss and the way the Huskers played in the first half was terrible. Even the Lamar game, they led in the 1st quarter.

Thankfully, Jaz and Maddie are back. Who knows when Anni Stewart will be able to play again, which has forced Alexis to play a lot of minutes. I am very concerned about the Big Ten schedule. After the season, IMO Amy Williams, John Cook and Maggie need to sit down and make a decision on which sport she's going to play. Going into the season with, at best, 11 players and counting on injuries not happening is poor planning.