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Post Spring/Pre Fall Camp News Update

I was thinking about this just a couple days ago.

Thinking that turnovers will be reduced and we will be able to sustain more drives on offense. That should translate to keeping the defense fresh and reduced rushing attempts against the Huskers. Maybe we even see teams throwing more against Nebraska as they try to play catch up.

Everyone understands the defense was good last year. I believe the rush defense may end up being the #1 in the country (from a total rushing yards given up POV at least).

If they could just maintain the level of rushing defense we saw last year and just take a moderate step up in the pass game... Top 5 defense in the nation.
Newness, wear and tear due to low offensive performance and leading the nation in turnovers as well.
First one fixed no matter what, next one will be better one way, Dylan, or the other, an improved and healthy HH.
Finally, I don't see us leading the P5/4 in turnovers again.


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