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Post Spring Practice Updates April-August 2019


Just A Fan
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There are some very thin skinned people that write to this board. And, there are some who love to provoke them. Interesting dichotomy.
I know. It's always the same posters derailing threads. If you want argue over stupid, pointless things that have nothing to do with the thread, they should go to Hot Topics where that is the norm.


Short...but slow
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With a smart and mobile QB Nelson will probably overrun the QB most of the time, noting he overran many plays in high school. Always wanting to make the big hit for the highlight reel. Scared to think of this mentality in college pass coverage, thinking irresponsible and out of control.
I'll take a high motor and grit over indecision any day . . . if you can get that focused, you get a high-impact player. Excited to see what the kid can do as he grows and learns.