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Post Spring Practice Updates April-August 2019


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A little extra motivation never hurts though. One of our 95 OL made up a story about CU Dline carrying pipe cutters off the plane to get the 95 OL fired up.

I think the home loss and two seasons of 4-8 should be more than enough motivation.

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Not sure why Bill Connelly thinks that the NU defense which was bad to mediocre last year will be worse this year. We were 12th in the conference in rushing defense, 9th in pass defense and 12th in total defense. And he thinks it will be worse?

I do agree that we will see modest improvement (at least in the first half of the season) in the offense simply because we are young and unsettled at WR and RB and will be starting a center who has never played the position.

In general there are enough holes to fill and lack of depth where a 7 win season is certainly possible.