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Post Spring Practice Updates April-August 2019


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See...after pushing that sled, that #1 jersey you got her is really just her number afterall.
Very true. I got her that #1 jersey for her bday with Lindsey on the back and then he left the team just days before it arrived. It was unfortunate timing but no one will remember in a few years, and my Lindsey will always be #1 to me so there's that ;) She'll wear it for years to come. Onward and upward, just like our team.
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Disappointing to read & not get referenced in the following quote, but just where Huskers are after two consecutive 4 - 8 seasons:

"We already know which matchups will headline Ohio State’s 2019 schedule. Those matchups with the B1G bluebloods — Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin — are always the most anticipated games of the season in Columbus."