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Pop-up ads causing difficulties with mobile browser


Travel Squad
15 Year Member
Hopefully this is the correct place to post this, I wasn't sure. Just wanted to let admins know that when I use my mobile device and try to post a comment it becomes incredibly challenging with the pop ups at the bottom of the screen. I believe they are from di dna, or at least that's what it says.

When I try to write a comment the ad will sometimes pop up over the text box and all I can see is my keyboard, can't see what I'm typing. I have to minimize my keyboard, close the ad, and then hope another doesn't pop up again. Not sure if anyone else is having that issue. Using Chrome on an Android device (LG g7). If there are any work arounds please let me know. Thanks!


Staff member
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I brought it to the attention of our ad ops and they have fixed it so if you continue to scroll the ad will be below the text.