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Player Ratings: Italy (0) vs. U.S. (1)

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Michael Bradley
Those cries of nepotism are history. And simply put, Bradley is the rock that the U.S. team will be built around for the next decade. Where else does the U.S. have a young player (24) who has been in Europe for as long (since 2005)? His play got stronger as the game wore on. Face it: He is the best, most important American player on the field. Grade: 9

Jozy Altidore
Nice job controlling the ball with his back to the goal, then dishing off to players out wide. Had one of the toughest jobs in soccer: lone striker against Italy. Grade: 8

Clint Dempsey
Free kick on target was best U.S. chance of first 45 minutes. Moved into open space to take pass from Altidore for goal … only fourth scored by a U.S. player vs. Italy. Utter confidence showed when he tried a George Best move … trying to collect a rebound after hitting the ball against a defender’s shins. Grade: 7

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More ratings:

Player ratings:
Howard: 8. All kidding aside: he did position himself well, and made some excellent reaction saves.
Johnson: 4.5. Showed some life going forward, but his defense was spotty. He was also slow to step forward a few times but got away with it.Bocanegra: 6. Still our most consistent defender.Goodson: 6. I’m sure I’m not the only person who wanted Cameron to get in the game, but Goodson showed that he deserved his spot in the lineup. Cherundolo: 7. The Mayor has played with Hannover for 14 years. That is incredible. If he was a baseball player he’d be one of those guys that doesn’t get a ton of attention until all of a sudden he has 3,000 hits.Shea: 4. I want to believe in him as a national team regular, but right now he’s big on potential, short on performance.
Bradley: 8. Massive, massive game. It wasn’t nepotism, folks; he’s just that good.
Edu: 5. Great at winning balls, terrible at distributing them. I still strongly prefer Jermain Jones. Or better yet: a healthy Stuart Holden.Williams: 5. Very strange game. He had a weak first half with some terrible passing, but he got stronger as the game went on.
Dempsey: 8.5. I’m a Fulham fan, so I watch him a lot: he is in a torrid run of form. Last year was his breakthrough year, and he is better than last year.
Altidore: 8. Great game. Worked hard, held the ball well, and set up the goal.
Kljestan: 3.5. Just about his only contribution was to let his man get behind him a few times.Spector: 6.5. Had several key blocks. He can be my wing man any time. Boyd: 6. Wasn’t on for long, but looked like a prototypical target striker. Encouraging.



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