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Plans In Work For Huskers To Open 2022 Season In Dublin (Perhaps vs Northwestern)


Nobody important
15 Year Member
That is not my thing, but my cousin and aunt were planning on going. Fun trip I guess. As long as it is an already scheduled away game, no harm in my opinion so 'whatev'.

Greatest Fan of All

The Legend
10 Year Member
I sure hope our boys are good in 22 and deserve to be treated to a nice vacation. Otherwise, it'll just look like a nice retirement trip for Moos.


Mayor of Shinola
2 Year Member
Does anyone give two farts about getting our asses kicked in Ireland of all places? Are we trying to recruit there? Spread some Husker cheer across the pond? Do the Irish even grow corn?

I am lost about this one.
Just bring some ‘corn’ in a jar ... the Irish will want the game to become an annual event! ;)