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Pitching Depth


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First of all, thanks for the game threads...sitting out here in NC, it helps me to keep up with the baseball team.

I do not know if this has been discussed, however, it seems as if we are playing a lot of games in a short time frame. Since the beginning of March until the B10 opener with Illinois, it will have been 16 games in 21 days. Do we have the pitching depth to make it through this stretch, or are we going to have some pretty tired arms for the conference run? From what I read during the game threads, it appears that we have been keeping down the number of innings each pitcher throws...but was wondering how you all see it.



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I think pitching depth is a legitimate concern. We will see what happens when we get into the conference schedule.


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Well, I don't think our pitchers, overall, are being stretched. It seems, our starters don't go that long, due to other teams' rallies. The relievers are being used in short stints, so we should not be "tired" by the time the B10 season begins.

Hopefully, the pitching will come around and show more stability. As far as the hitting, we seem to be doing well, more than not.

It seems, csker, we both have concerns for our pitching; but, it looks like, my cup is half full, but your cup is half empty! :)
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