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Pick'em Contest (March 22nd - 24th)


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Texas A&M
Penn St.
North Carolina
East Carolina
North Carolina St.
Mississippi St.

Glendale Husker

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Nebraska 4 Michigan St 1
Nebraska 5 Michigan St 2/DH.....NU leads series 2-0
Creighton 3 Maryland 2.....Creighton leads series 1-0
Arkansas 12 Alabama 3.....Arkansas leads series 1-0
Texas A&M 5 Kentucky 3.....A&M leads series 1-0
Illinois 14 Illinois St 3.....Illinois leads series 1-0
Minnesota vs Penn St P/P.....Series tied 0-0
North Carolina 1 Virginia Tech 4.....V. Tech leads series 1-0
Central Florida 8 East Carolina 13.....E.C leads series 1-0
NCST 6 Miami 3.....NCST leads series 1-0
LSU 1 Georgia 0.....LSU leads series 1-0
Auburn 6 Mississippi St 5.....Auburn leads series 1-0


Nebraska vs Michigan St P/P.....NU leads series 2-0
Creighton 5 Maryland 3.....CU leads series 2-0
Arkansas 0 Alabama 10.....Series tied 1-1
Texas A&M 9 Kentucky 3.....A&M leads series 2-0
Illinois 4 Illinois St 2.....Illinois leads leads series 2-0
Minnesota 5 Penn St 1.....Minnesota leads series 1-0
North Carolina 7 Virginia Tech 5.....Series tied 1-1
Central Florida 4 East Carolina 7.....E. Carolina leads series 2-0
NCST 7 Miami 6.....NCST leads series 2-0
LSU 0 Georgia 2.....Series tied 1-1
Auburn 2 Mississippi St 15.....series tied 1-1

Glendale Husker

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Nebraska 6 Michigan St 2.....NU wins series 3-0
Creighton 8 Maryland 6.....CU wins series 3-0
Arkansas 10 Alabama 2.....Arkansas wins series 2-1
Texas A&M 17 Kentucky 5.....A&M wins series 3-0
Illinois 12 Illinois St.....Illinois wins series 3-0
Minnesota 8 Penn St 6.....Minnesota wins series 3-0
North Carolina 5 Virginia Tech 2.....North Carolina wins series 2-1
Central Florida 5 East Carolina 6.....East Carolina wins series 3-0
NCST 6 Miami 4.....NCST wins series 3-0
LSU 7 Georgia 9.....Georgia wins series 2-1
Auburn 15 Mississippi St 20.....Mississippi St wins series 2-1