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Penn State game times have changed...Friday at 12:00 pm/Saturday DH beginning at 2:00 pm (Central)


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Yep, it will rain in State College on Sunday. But probably also on Friday -- so game one is in danger; might hold off until after the game -- but close call. Saturday looks nice -- triple-header! :Hooray:
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Business trip. Important to show resilience from the Tuesday smackdown and to set the pace in the B10 while going against the lower division. Let's start with Game One! GBR!
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Ugh... basically means we need to sweep. I think the Crayton blowout was a good thing for this weekends games. GBR!


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Hippenhammer is the next batter

fouled off, 0-1
another foul, 0-2
high, 1-2
S/M, strike 3

NU down 0-2 after 1 inning