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Paying Players, Portal, Benefits.

Power of Corn

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If the portal is a one of a few NECESSARY BENEFITS, that will delay the outright paying of players, then this is worth it.

If we ever get to the point of paying players, and we are moving that way, then the game as we know it, is over.
There is seemingly no way to manage this psuedo sports business, due to all of the other legal, and
educational entanglements

They will want guaranteed contracts (which most the pro fb guys don't have)
Do players who get LESS STATS or make less contribution, get less money ?
Do they get paid ? by the # of snaps they make ?
How will we reduce pay if they just don't pan out, or have a sophomore slump ?
Do we tie academics to the pay?
Are Coaches paying attn to whos playing and whose not playing more or less
because of what kids make ?
Are only the revenue generating sports involved? , because if so, Title 9 is gonna
come into play big time.
Most Mens BB programs are not profitable, even with their TV contracts, so does
the $ shared from Mens FB. pay the Mens BB.
Is the pay capped ? or can Alabama or Texass pay/buy with the biggest checkbook.
Do we purposely not throw to the TE, because he makes too much $ and we need
to trim his pay?
Some Big schools are now running a huge deficit in their Athletic Programs, like
UCLA 40+ million in the hole. Do they lay off Ath Dept staff so they can pay
players ?
Does our Kicker, get money credited back, because he had 4 kicks blocked, but
weren't his fault, because some OL missed their blocking assignment ?
Do guys still get paid during suspension, ? how about during injuries or accidents
or illness that happened due to their own negligence ?

I just don't see how we separate student athletes at different schools, based on their
sport, and where and who they play. Just because a guy is 4th/5th string on our
special teams, and has never played a snap in a game, does he really EARN more
money that a starter on the mens baseball team, who is all-american, yet their program
doesn't make a profit.?

Do recruiting services get PAID to put higher rankings on certain kids so they APPEAR more valuable,
therefore get more $ ? How do we regulate / audit them.?

Wouldn't all of this money now be taxable, and wouldn't the FB scholarship also
be taxable ? I mean, it should be.... I pay my taxes.... and isn't this now a business?

The new administration and congress will certainly be more open to hearing these kinds
of arguments, to pay players. But please, this is not a political post, so I don't want this to
devolve into that.

There are more certainly more considerations here.... bring it.
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Dude, it’s a serious Pandora’s Box for sure. I’m not sure there is/are logical answers for this. I would guess it would be based on what any random player can generate for his/herself, from outside sources, and not directly thru the university. I just don’t know.

lo country

I can't answer everything, but here are some of the ideas from the "Player Bill of Rights"....
It will only relate to the following revenue generating sports (from reading it appears FBS level)
Men and womens B-Ball

Schools will be required to post their revenue from the respective sports. The money will be totaled and monies allocated to scholarships will be pulled. The remaining amount will then be divided in half with the school getting half and the other half dispersed to those athetes, on scholarship. The monies will be based upon the amount the sport generates.
For example the total amount generated is 500 billion. They pay 300 billion in schollies. The schools keep 100 billion and then the athletes in the above listed sports receive a percentage that is mathematically based on what that sports brings in. IIRC, it's football, mens b-ball, womens b-ball then baseball. With schollie football players making $173k......They can not lose scholarships so long as they maintain a 2.2 GPA. The school can not mandate classes they can or can not take...They will also be allowed to take life skill classes (paying bills) that will be allowed to count towards their major. They will also be provided free medical care after playing for, IIRC, 5 years....

They will be allowed to get their own endorsements. This will enable an athlete to make money off of their own likeness as well as from apparel companies, social media, hard goods etc...As it relates to apparel, an NU player could get a contract with Nike. The would be prohibited form wearing that on game day. I can;t recall about pressers, but did seem to remember they could wear Nike cleats on game day......

Players will also be allowed to enter the draft and return to college if they a) do not receive any renumeration and b) announce their intent to return within 3 days following the draft.

There will be no restrictions for transferring

So a starter at Clemson will make as much money as a schollie kid at Rutgers that plays football......Obviously the Clemson guys endorsements would be more, but the "base salary" would be equal....

If this passes, as you mentioned about debt, a lot of Universities will fail. A lot of a schools budget is based on the monies generated form sports....Scholarships for non-athletics, salaries, bonuses, buidling maintenance, new facilities etc......

Then the trickle down effect of FCS schools getting a huge payday to play Bama, Clemson etc that funds their athletic programs for the year..... Schools like The Citadel that have played Bama, Clemson, South Carolina immediately comes to mind. As well as SDSU that NU has scheduled several times....

I understand the whole Sam Keller law suit. The companies were making money off of their likeness, but the players were not compensated. BUT they were/are given a free education, tutors, nutrition, medical, rehab, room and board that non-scholarship and non-sports scholarships o not have the same access as the athletes.....

It will ruin college sports at that time. Just allow seniors in HS to get drafted to a NFL farm team and just remove sports form college completely. Or be like D3 and offer no schollies.

The most sweeping Bill of Rights was presented by Booker and Blumenthal (and 2 other Dems), but it's not just the Dems. Republicans (Rubio comes to mind) have authored ones as well. I say this to not make this turn into a political discussion.


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Scholarship - taxable
Trainer/Medical - taxable
Training table - taxable
Housing - taxable
Books - taxable
(high cost universities would cause a serious tax situation)

Power of Corn

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Lo, thanx for expanding the data, I just asked questions, but you had answers, Thank You. It is a very tangled mess.

I would think that the schools splitting the net proceeds, with students, also accounts for having the Athl Dept structure in place, the staff, bldgs, equip, food, service providers, transportation...... If all those expenses would need to come out of the HALF that the school gets, then the model will fail on day 1.

If one of the answers is allowing FB or BB players to go pro whenever they want, then so be it, you just wont lose that many players. There is enuf evaluating professionals to advise a kid if he should jump to the NFL after his freshman yr, if it doesnt work out, so be it, thats the risk you take for the freedom you asked for.

Its funny that both Mens and Womens BB and Baseball see themselves as more special than track/field, or even a money maker like Nebr Womens VB. They seem to single themselves out because of the visibility of their sport, and the high # of its players. Maybe the Uconn and tenn womens BB team make money, and maybe 30-40 mens bb teams make money, but not much, and absolutely zero baseball teams make money. Maybe Iowa wrestling might make money. The Title 9 folks would have a field day with this.

A subject that will come up, is WHERE is the money generated. I can see Texass proposing that since they have the largest football viewership in the country, based on # of households, that they should get the biggest share of the pie, they have made that argument before, when NU was in the same league with them. They may still be getting a disproportionate share of BIG12 TV money, I wish I knew.


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Seriously my solution for all of this is ...

1) allow early access to the NFL ...

2) give the players an opportunity to declare for the draft and return to college if they don’t get drafted ...

Then they have the choice to pursue pay for play sports. If they’re not ready or not good enough they can freely return to college.

Colleges may be benefitting from the “labors” of these athletes but the benefits are funding Title IX, non revenue sports, thousands of jobs from trainers, educators and popcorn vendors.

Athletic departments are not “for profit“ businesses ... yes there are coaches/administrators making good money but in the grand scheme of things it is peanuts.
Agreed... that the true solution is if you want to get paid you go pro... you want to play college you play by our rules... so to me this is exactly the gap that say the xfl and D league should be exploiting and they are failing miserably... these should be the farm systems for the nba and nfl

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There are approx 11k scholarship FB players, and about 150 get drafted, but not 150 actually make a team, so a little more than 1% actually make it to the pro's.

We should not set up a semi-pro league. I just hate to hear people speak as if a 30k+/yr scholarship is not payment, especially when 99% of these kids are gonna need the education, and it disproportionately helps minority students.

The idea of coming back if undrafted is terrific, it doesnt hurt anything.

Red October

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If Cory Bookers of the USA get their way with the NCAA bill in the Senate, college sports are dead. Period. Not just football, but basketball and baseball will be in the mix and so will volley ball.


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There are approx 11k scholarship FB players, and about 150 get drafted, but not 150 actually make a team, so a little more than 1% actually make it to the pro's.

We should not set up a semi-pro league. I just hate to hear people speak as if a 30k+/yr scholarship is not payment, especially when 99% of these kids are gonna need the education, and it disproportionately helps minority students.

The idea of coming back if undrafted is terrific, it doesnt hurt anything.
FWIW there are 250 draft picks annually.

Also 468 un-drafted players in NFL. Approximately 16 per team.

There are 1,590 players on NFL rosters not counting practice squad, injured reserve ...