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Outdoors Memes

Interesting that you should say that as I'm one of those apparently rare Van Halen fans who thought that Sammy Hagar was their best frontman ever. David Lee Roth was a pretty boy diva, and the "More than Words" guy should have been singing with Air Supply. Much like Sammy, I also can't drive 55, so there's a natural bond. If there's a battle royale between all three front men, does anybody doubt that Sammy walks out of the cage carrying the severed heads of Fake Blondie and The Other Guy?

This also seems like a timely place to drop this little diddy as I look forward to extreme heat baking the $h!t out of a certain crown-like virus:

I was at that concert at Fiddlers Green in Denver around about 2000. Sammy Hagar was definitely better at that point.



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