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Our Passing Game is Terrible

Yea, so far its worked.
If he never pitches it, is it really an 'option'?

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It has worked with HH against the last 2 teams. Unfortunately, the Michigan defense is a whole different animal.
Our D is pretty decent. If our O can stir up some drives, a score here or there, it could be a decent game.
Option is something no D wants to face. It works better more times than not if its done right.
Taking away from standard practice, DC's don't like that. A necessary evil if you will.
We've shown we can be effective, you don't ignore four plus monster plays by your opponent.

Throw in some effective wrinkles, then they have to adjust as well.
If their O isn't on the field and we're burning clock, its a win for us.

Being one dimensional in football is not a good thing so I agree we have to establish a passing attach or plan that works. I feel that our defense keeps us in almost any game but they need our O to score points and control clock.
I saw signs of fullback and I formation with Qb under center. Good things happen running hat on hat withpower and numbers. We could throw a couple quick TE passes to open up running game.
Our passing game is terrible. We don't have any wide receivers that stretch a defense. For the life of me, I don't understand why we aren't letting our talented freshmen receivers play.

We will not be able to run against Michigan like we have against La. Tech. and NIU. We HAVE to develop a better passing game.
Last year it was Thompson to Palmer or nothing. I will take this offense over that one any day.

There were plenty of times in the 80s the lack of an effective passing game cost us because we were unable to run. Adapting that model of run is unlikely to re-present itself in a positive way. As we are already seeing, we win the second half against the non conference weaklings and lose everything else. Nobody in the 21st century has been successful with a poor passing game like ours.
Yeah, yeah, yeah I get it, its all relative. I’m not naïve, I know Michigan will eat that option for lunch next week. It comes down to the Jimmys and joes. Tom figured it out, now somebody else is going to have to. RUN THE DAMN BALL!