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Fantastic finish... OU escapes 42-41

Clones went for two rather than opt for OT... receiver mugged in the endzone, (should've gone to Kolar) - anyway, the 2pt conversion failed.


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saw the thread earlier today, figured the game deserved it's own recognition.

BSU Wyo might as well...
Watching both the Wyoming game and the Nevada v SDSU game(currently half time). And yeah, it probably should of had it's own thread while live..... Fun game to watch.

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Very lucky to escape. Two potential pick-six inside OU territory but Cyclones dropped the ball. And bobbled 2-point conversion ... kinda like purse smuggling.

Probably dropped 2 or 3 positions on CFP rankings.

Anyway, OU D was almost is equal to NU D ...... both Keystone Kops.
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