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OT Jacob Maikkula Awaiting His Decision


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Fair enough. Just thinking HS coaches sometimes get involved and steer kids one way or another.

Not disagreeing at all, as it does happen. But........in this case, how much credence would a coach have defending any of the Mac's and pushing him away from Nebraska? I mean, you have Luke who "technically" was at 3 schools in a little over a month, and a brother who commented on a tiny piece of a much larger, and more in-depth, quote from Coach Frost. If Christian reads the entire quote, I don't believe he comments as hard against Frost or even comments at all. So, IMO, in this case, all I would/could do, as a HS Coach, is give an opinion on Nebraska and the fit it would have with him. I wouldn't even bring the Mac's into it.
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Wait... who are #8 and #9 going to be?
Wait and see ;) :Biggrin:

Could be Monds etc

TN and I are just having some fun based on another conversation

No inside information what so ever
@Beareye -- made a prediction at beginning of month when we were sitting on just 2 commits that we would have 10 commits by the 4th of July. All I was going on at the time was the visitor list for June which seemed pretty substantial.

In hindsight now, it seems like the HS kids are taking the transfer portal and the unknowns with the TBD available scholarships post Covid as a threat to their opportunity. Starting to look like 10 could be the 'under' if you were looking at an 'over / under' # ... James Monds III, Jake Maikkula and the Martin kid among others could get Huskers to 10.


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Martin might beat him to the punch and become #10 ;)
Haven't seen anything on here on the Martin kid you mentioned! Are you referring to the kid who decommitted from Michigan? Everything I read about him points to him following Don Brown to Arizona.