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OSU Game Cancelled

This could affect us. They played Penn State last week. It won't be good if PSU players start testing positive. Ohio State is likely fine for now but their margin is narrower. They really have to hope they lose a maximum of one more game to COVID or it could very well affect their playoff chances.
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Now this was a game I really really wanted to see.

Maryland is just a fascinating team. Would they have held up against Ohio State? Would their offense have given Ohio State fits? Could they even possibly play defense against Ohio State?

And how would Tua’s little brother do?

and now for the elephant in the room.

This starts to make that situation on correct number of games to be eligible for the playoffs look pretty dicey.

Was the BiG a little too hasty in not allowing a replacement game?

well....yeah......I can see some beads of sweat starting to form on certain executives in the BiG’s heads.