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Oregon v. NU Game Thread

We beat ourselves tonight, which is really sad. We had so many unforced errors and mental lapses after game one. I can handle losing much better when we don't self-implode. Yes Oregon (and I can't really stand them to tell the truth - all of the Oregon teams, not just Volleyball) has a great team and played well, but we made it easier for them with such physical and mental lapses. Geez, two Saturdays in a row that the Cornhuskers have broken my heart. Never thought December would start out like this. The long cold winter has officially begun.

Go Big Red...

We get to elite 8 but no final four, even though I believe the ladies had the talent to beat Oregon and justify the #1 seed. Tough way to end the season, but the ladies at least showed up in the playoffs, unlike the men's football team.
No, I found, watching, the placement of their hits were off. They just didn't put it where they couldn't get to them. I
know you can't put it where you want all the time, but they didn't make them work for it.

I think we are kind of saying the same thing. What I mean is that we didn't quit (well, we might have at the end of the 4th set when things were pretty hopeless). But we had lapses all season when we just weren't very good. And that problem reared it's ugly head again last night, Oregon looked like the much better team the last three sets.
Dang it, sorry to see the HUSKERS end the season this way. Congratulationsto the ladies on a great season, hopefully next year brings a NCAA title.


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