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Oregon v. NU Game Thread

An ace ends NU's season. NU loses the match 3-1 (25-15, 22-25, 18-25, and 17-25). It was fun. Now I guess I can concentrate on basketball.
Do the Huskers look like maybe conditioning is an issue. They were flying around and getting a lot of height on their jumps early but they look sluggish late?
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Hate to sound critical, but, once again, the pressure is too much for the gals. :(

Better luck next year. Go Huskers! :wave:
I think the effort was there, but we were severely out talented in this match.

No, I found, watching, the placement of their hits were off. They just didn't put it where they couldn't get to them. I
know you can't put it where you want all the time, but they didn't make them work for it.
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Well I hope Oregon wins it all now.

My grandson goes to Oregon, but I am rooting for Stanford. I am from the
Bay Area, so my allegiance is with them, now that our Huskers couldn't do it.

If you mean, the next match, yes, knock off PSU! :)


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