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Oregon v. NU--December 8, 2018


Junior Varsity
10 Year Member
Was able to watch the match on tv. Fun one to watch. First 2 sets were really close and NUblooked pretty poor for part of the 2nd set, but they got it together and pulled out a big win.

Let’s go get the Illini!

All 'N' 011808

Former Walk-on
2 Year Member
The team is hitting its stride at the right time. Four final fours in a row is an awesome accomplishment. Time to send the Illini home!

Red Corn

15 Year Member
That was some big-time, big-girl Vball tonight, especially in game 2. Way proud of the girls and of the coaches. Cook is so cool...and smart...."you did not play great vball tonight, yet you were a great team tonight." Time to show Illinois who rules the BIG10...