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Opening line, 9-point underdogs at Iowa


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Iowa Neb 2022 spread.jpg

Yeah, with a 9 pt spread, that means IA scores 25-26 ?
We are only averaging 16 points a game since MJ took over and playing probably the toughest defense we have faced. I know Iowa defense is ranked 6 and Michigan and Illinois higher but considering how bad the Iowa offense hangs their d out number 6 is awfully good.

I'd definitely take the under if I were a betting man.
We’ll I’ll let you know if I decide to take the unders. If I do I can guarantee record offensive performances by both sides. It will look like a BIG 12 game.

With bad weather I can see the iowa defense creating many turnovers. I suspect that's what the wise guys have baked in.
This has the makings of a 13-10 husker win. :).
We were an easy cover against Wisky. And I’ll take 9 against Hawks all day. If it’s not frigid & windy…..& if our OL plays it’s best game of the entire year…we’ll win.

It looks like we may be in line for another "competitive loss".

Then again, I have a bad feeling that Iowa will suddenly have their best offensive game of the conference season.


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