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Open @Ohio State

Husker In Oklahoma

All Big 10
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I guess it might be the best time to maybe catch Ohio State the more I think about it. Still will need to play really well just to keep from getting blasted. Getting smoked in game one can rattle you, and there is no time for recovery.

Unless NU is significantly better this year, they could well be 0-2 real quick, and 1-3 in the first 4 weeks.


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... followed by NW then Penn St. C'mon Warren, you can't come back with anything better than that you loser? BRING EM ON!
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Exactly, totally, the way this was going to happen.

So predictable it’s pathetic...


Who cares.....this season is kinda a “free hall pass” anyway and it gives our VERY young team a chance to play....against the best no less.

You can’t beat the best unless you PLAY the best.

And the whole situation is Far, FAR. better than no football at all.

Good luck men....up and at ’em!

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FRIGGING Gameday will be in Columbus....

The whole Dog and Pony Show.....

The DRAMA...the two schools that arguable brought back Big 10 football ...both renowned names to the sport...square off in a friendly grudge match. WHO WILL WIN!

And they will analyze it ad nauseum all the while praising Warren and the BiG.


TBF....this is a win, win, win for Nebraska

Free hall pass year anyway
nobody expects us to do crap
we get the added publicity
It drives into future recruits and their parents brains that Nebraska is damn SERIOUS about college football
it seasons a very young team
we get to ACTUALLY PLAY his year
Annnnd the possibility of a surprise!

what’s there not to like?
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