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He's 31. He's a man. Free to do and say whatever he wants.

Just find it kinda weird that he's throwing shade on AM. And the program (his response to AM's "one more" tweet was "... loss."). If you're wanting to improve your reputation as a player (or maybe looking for new opportunities), tossing dirt on the Husker brand is definitely not the way to do it.

And since he's claiming to have had the greatest, true freshman season at Nebraska ever. I thought I'd oblige him with a look at the numbers:

Martinez (2018)
Passing yards: 2617
Total yards: 3246
Avg p/game: 295.1
TDs/INTs: 17-8
Comp %: 64.6

Beck (2005 – stats courtesy of qblesson.com)
Played as True Freshman Quarterback
Defeated Kansas State 26-24 on Game Winning Drive
Highest Rated Quarterback in Nebraska History (2005 Recruiting)
#1 Ranked Recruiting Class in Nebraska History
And as a 48 year old man I am free to call him a racist prick and a liar. Here are his stats according to Sports-reference.

Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate
Nebraska Big 12 FR QB 2 1 10 10.0 21 2.1 -2.4 0 1 7.6

And at NC

2007 North Carolina State ACC SO QB 6 85 160 53.1 903 5.6 3.4 2 9 93.4
*2008 North Carolina State ACC JR QB 6 34 80 42.5 592 7.4 4.0 2 7 95.4

Dude is a failure as a QB and by all appearances is a failure as a human being.

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HB is deranged.

I was at that KSU game.

Zac(hk?) Taylor got DESTROYED, and knocked out of the game in the mid 4th qtr, and I was yelling for BC to put Joe Ganz into the game, not wanting him to burn HB's redshirt in the last or second to last reg season game of the year.

Alas, no such luck. HB is inserted into the game with a one-score lead. So BC just run the ball with Pork Chop, and run out the clock, correct? No such luck. BC calls a pass, and it is intercepted, and returned inside the NU 10. The defense holds KSU to a FG, but KSU takes a 1-pt lead.

Beck then "engineers" a scoring drive. "Trailing 25-24 with 4:18 remaining, true freshman quarterback Harrison Beck guided the Huskers on a 55-yard scoring drive to set up Congdon's heroics. Beck, who was making his Nebraska debut in relief of the injured starting quarterback Zac Taylor, rifled a 21-yard completion to the KSU 46-yard line while a 15-yard roughing the passer call moved the ball to the KSU 31. The Huskers ran three straight plays to set up Congdon's attempt, which sailed through the uprights for his school freshman record 15th field goal of the season and a two-point Husker win. The kick was also tied for the second-longest field goal of his NU career."

Beck's stat line for the game:

Beck, Harrison 6 att-1 comp -1 int 21yds 0 TD Longest: 21 0 Sacks

HB's drives for the game:

N 1-10 N49 NEBRASKA drive start at 12:29 (4th).
N 1-10 N49 NU ball on 50 yardline.
N 1-10 N50 Ross, Cory rush for 3 yards to the KS47 (Walker, Reggie).
N 2-7 K47 Beck, Harrison rush up middle for loss of 7 yards to the NU46.
N 3-14 N46 Beck, Harrison pass incomplete to Swift, Nate, PENALTY NU pass
interference declined
N 4-14 N46 Koch, Sam punt 49 yards to the KS5, out-of-bounds.
--------------- 3 plays, minus 4 yards, TOP 01:32 ---------------

N 1-10 K47 NEBRASKA drive start at 10:00 (4th).
N 1-10 K47 Beck, Harrison pass incomplete to Hardy, Frantz.
N 2-10 K47 Beck, Harrison pass incomplete to Swift, Nate (Baldwin, Bryan).
N 3-10 K47 Timeout Nebraska, clock 09:49.
N 3-10 K47 Beck, Harrison pass incomplete to Swift, Nate.
N 4-10 K47 Koch, Sam punt 25 yards to the KS22, fair catch by Watts, Marcus.
--------------- 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 00:23 ---------------

N 1-10 N27 NEBRASKA drive start at 06:26 (4th).
N 1-10 N27 Ross, Cory rush over right tackle for 3 yards to the NU30 (Moran,
N 2-7 N30 Beck, Harrison pass intercepted by Baldwin, Bryan at the NU45, Baldwin,
Bryan return 36 yards to the NU9 (Beck, Harrison).
--------------- 2 plays, 3 yards, TOP 00:46 ---------------

KSU FG gives them a 24-25 lead.

Snodgrass, Jeff kickoff 53 yards to the NU12, Lucky, Marlon return 10 yards
to the NU22 (Hausman, Casey).
N 1-10 N22 NEBRASKA drive start at 04:15 (4th).
N 1-10 N22 Ross, Cory rush up middle for 7 yards to the NU29 (Echols, Quintin).
N 2-3 N29 Ross, Cory rush over right tackle for 4 yards to the NU33, 1ST DOWN
(Marso, Derek;Diles, Zach).
N 1-10 N33 Beck, Harrison pass complete to Swift, Nate for 21 yards to the KS46,
1ST DOWN NU (McKinney, Just.), PENALTY KS roughing passer
(George,Tearrius) 15 yards to the KS31, 1ST DOWN NU
N 1-10 K31 1st and 10.
N 1-10 K31 Ross, Cory rush over right end to the KS30, fumble by Ross, Cory
recovered by NU Koch, Brandon at KS30.
N 2-9 K30 Lucky, Marlon rush over right tackle for 4 yards to the KS26 (Diles,
N 3-5 K26 Ross, Cory rush over right end for 3 yards to the KS23 (Echols,
N 4-2 K23 Timeout Nebraska, clock 01:10.
N 4-2 K23 Congdon, Jordan field goal attempt from 40 GOOD, clock 01:05.


HB is deranged


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That boy ain't right. Joking or serious, putting that on social media is sheer stupidity. He may be asked about that in a future job interview.
I know the family (went to high school with his sister) and this doesn't surprise me at all.


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Also: I played against Beck when he was at Countryside, and though they were damn good, I didnt understand the recruiting lovefest over him. His receivers were several inches taller than pretty much every defensive back in Pinellas county, all he had to do was toss it up.