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One week away. What will you be doing for the first game?


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Sitting on as ass, watching the game on my 80”, hopeful NU can make a game of it.
I've only got a 70", but will watching with my wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson (16 months). I hope our screaming and yelling doesn't scare him too much. I see Clemson is whipping GT 52-7 at half. Let's hope our Huskers bring a confident swagger into this game or it could get ugly.


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Flying my late grandfather’s Husker flag on my home while watching the game. I have been flying the flag since about 2000.

Chatting in the HuskerMax chat room discussing a play that I would have called instead of a pass on third and one. :thumbsup:

In all seriousness...hoping for a few hours where I can enjoy some Husker football while getting away from reality at least for a little while.
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I will be playing in the wine section at work. As always, will follow along on my phone as well as field updates from family members. When I get home I will cozy up with an adult beverage and watch the game.
I'll be watching the game, tiring of hearing of TOSU greatness from the unbiased announcers, will watch the clock to hear the 8pm world series (go Rays) and then tire of hearing of the greatness of the Dodgers/Braves winner. Then turn on ESPN to hear that Alabama was just crowned National Champ for the next 6 years (Good luck Ga.) because Trevor Lawrence has gone pro.

Then I'll turn sarcastic, wake from a nap and watch that the huskers have improved and be happy that college football is really back when they come home to let the red balloons fly.


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I will have 6 adults watching the first game. I'm really looking forward to the small season. Homemade runzas. Also looking forward to husker volleyball, basketball and baseball. Go Huskers.