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One week away. What will you be doing for the first game?


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Coronavirus has everything all screwed up. Without turning this into a thread ambushing anyone that isn't staying home and practicing social distancing mandates what are your plans? Mine? Well daughter and boyfriend are coming to town. While its an away game we will probably still hit the Haymarket area. I have no idea what to expect for crowds down there on a Saturday morning game. Right now they are calling for a high of 56 degree's so that means kick off will be in the 40's. I don't believe Barrys will be open and the outside area Cube will probably be a little vacant due to the cooler temperatures. Probably start at Cigarz, run to the end zone for wings and kickoff and then slip out the second half back to cigarz or Single Barrel.


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I will probably go to my parents and watch the game with them, and my son. 11 kickoff is good for me, I can hunt in the morning and afternoon. The last few season have afforded me the opportunity to hunt and just check in on score..unfortunately. I'm excited for the days when there's no way you're missing the game.

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Deep frying wings with my wife and watching/cheering here at home.

We'll Likely be texting with our family (especially my step son) in Australia; they try to catch each game whenever they can. Kickoff will be at 2am over there, so I'll give him a pass if he isn't able to catch it live. ;)
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Watching peacefully in the basement. Hopefully no interruptions from the kids. Was planning on hunting afterwards to try and get a rooster or two. But if I'm hunting by 1:00 PM we know it's not going good for the Huskers.

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What part of Oklahoma? Parents lived in Tulsa for about 10 years and we used to hit a husker bar there. Can't remember the name of it though.
OKC, but all my family is in Tulsa. I’ve been to that Husker bar before, actually a hotel lobby room. Usually about 200+ people there. I went to a few of them, lots of drinking. I’m not sure they still have it there.
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