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One game to go


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Here's a question I just thought of. What if a team has covid for the last matchup game? I think teams like Wisconsin should be penalized as well as Minnesota. If there's one thing our coaches have done a good job on is keeping kids way from covid. Bright spot of the season?
Why and how would you punish them? Punish college kids for catching a virus?! Isn't not being able to play football enough?

Let's hope Covid doesn't infect our team, but it's too soon to assume it won't.


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Maybe not. If Minny is cancelled early, along with another B1G matchup, we can swap opponents.
According to B1G no make up games allowed. My guy tells me if tOSU is not going to make the playoffs because of lack of games somehow makeup games will happen too much money left on the table if it doesnt
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... isn't it 3 games? Am I missing something?
With the "crossover" game, is it matched up to where each team finishes? The #2 team in the West vs the #2 team in the East? NU is on the bottom in the West so does that mean there would be a rematch with Penn State? UGH! And who knows what next season's schedule will look like pending where Covid is by then but I see NU plays Buffalo next year. Did ya'll happen to see what that Running Back for Buffalo did last Saturday?? Ran for 409 yards!! Hoping he'll go pro this off-season. Geesh!